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Hotel Belmar

Hotel Belmar Hotel BelmarHotel BelmarHotel Belmar
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via Dante, 135
47841 Cattolica (RN)
Tel : 0541954040
Fax : 0541954040

Description :

The Belmar Hotel is situated in full pedestrian area, in Dante street, the way of the walk, the stores, the way of “Piazza delle Fontane”. The Belmar Hotel is a medium dimensions structure far 100 mt. from the sea. Fish, meats, fresh vegetables and the most varied first dishes, like mum did, everything watered with our good wines Trebbiano or Sangiovese, but always careful to the personal and particular demands of our guests. The common rooms are air conditioned, the cafe leans out on the balcony from where is possible to see the walk. A particular attention is due to our rooms, fully air conditioned that have all been renewed and furnished in accordance to a better functionality and comfort.
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